A single-day trip without a plan?!

Hi there, back again with a Victoria trip after a long summer term. Not going to lie, Victoria is actually a great spot to go when you are not thinking about travelling somewhere else since it is close. This trip to Victoria was planned like a few days before with a friend so we didn’t really have a specific plan but we did have some places on our list. The trip starts off with watching sunrise early at 7 on the ferry. A nice time to grab a coffee and enjoy the view.

After the ferry ride our first stop was Hatley Park, a Classified Federal Heritage Building located in Colwood. Got lots to see and worth to visit. The outer view of the castle is a great place to take nice photos.

Next stop, BC Parliament building, a place we would never miss going to Victoria! There are public tours or self-guided tours you can go and learn more about the history of the Parliament Buildings and the work of the Legislative Assembly.

Around the area of the parliament building there’s downtown Victoria as well as the Beacon Hill Park which is also a great place to walk around. The distance from the BC Parliament Building to the Beacon Hill park is approximately a 15-min walk.

While it is a one-day trip with no specific plans, on when to be where, just free style. Our trip ended quite early as we did start really early to catch the 7 am ferry and we went through our list of places to quite fast too since we didn’t spend much time at each place. But this is a quite chill and relaxing trip, no stress !

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