A small trip to a neighbourhood BUNNY WORLD!!!

Hello, welcome to another explored topic! Today, I’ll bring you on a small little trip to Vancouver! Going down the streets on Commercial Drive, there are lots and lots of cafés that are nice to relax and sit in. That is where the Bunny café is located where you are able to relax and feed the bunnies!

The bunny café

The bunny café was initially applied to create a space to interact with them and also allow others to adopt and socialize with the bunnies. I found it pretty meaningful, even though I’m not able to adopt bunnies there but the socializing was fun and interesting. Really recommended to animal lovers!

The overall place is nice and relaxing. The visit is about $16.75 for 55 minutes with the bunnies. Everyone gets one cup of vegetables to feed them. But do control the amount, since it is easy to give out the whole cup right away from the beginning. While feeding the bunnies, you can also sit down and the more energetic and welcoming ones would climb over you. There are still some shy ones that hide inside the box benches where they would stick their head out for the snacks. The decoration inside is all bout the bunnies, even on the ceilings!!!

Also, before going remember to schedule a reservation as there are lots of bunny lovers around the neighbourhood!

Overall, this is a really nice place to visit when you want to just chill around or get a cup of coffee or anything. It has places where you can sit and relax or even just stare at bunnies through the windows while working!

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