Appreciate ME time, accepting the loneliness!

Hi! Welcome back to another T Time! Sometimes finding someone to go out with you is hard even with friends. Personally, I enjoy my ME time and I don’t think it is a bad thing to go out alone sometimes. Maybe it isn’t a bad thing after all if we don’t think of it badly. 

ME time a bad thing?

Not sure when did alone turn out to become a bad thing as we all enjoy doing things with a company. Like we were kids when we need someone to go to the washroom together or at the playground where we just start talking to random kids and make friends with them. We all have a partner to do something with since we were young which we got used to. Also, due to the surrounding how there are pairs and pairs or triples around us which going out alone feels a bit weird and awkward. However, it is not your fault and ignore what others think as long as you are comfortable spending your me-time.

The scale

You might have heard the scale of loneliness. 

Level 1 – Going supermarket alone

Level 2 – Eating at a Restaurant alone

Level 3 – Going to a cafe alone

Level 4 – Watch the movie alone

Level 5 – Eating hotpot alone

Level 6 – Going to KTV alone

Level 7-  Go to the seaside alone

Level 8 – Going amusement parks alone

Level 9 – Resettling house alone

Level 10 – Attending a surgery alone

What level are you? I’m on level 4 but kind of want to try going to Ktv alone. Maybe I’ll go higher level soon but what I want to say is that alone doesn’t mean bad. It also doesn’t mean that you enjoy it, it just simply means that you accept it and allow it to be in your life. Life doesn’t have to be packed and jammed with people all the time. Take the “alone” as a break from people. 

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