CHEERS holiday! Exclusive Nanaimo-Victoria trip!

Hi there! Welcome to my new category MY travel for my blog! Just thought that it might be interesting to write or show the places I have gone here. To start us off with this category, I would like to talk about my short little trip to Nanaimo and Victoria, BC. Remembering the last time I had been to Victoria was on a school field trip. We spent most of the time at U Vic and Royal BC Museum, which there wasn’t much time to actually walk around and enjoy (mostly because we didn’t prepare where to go during our free time). Anyway, this time I was able to walk around and take some photos of the attractions. 

Malahat SkyWalk + Victoria

Malahat SkyWalk locates between Nanaimo and Victoria. It takes about ~2 hours to walk around excluding if there’s a long wait for the slide. Unfortunately and gladly, it was snowing and sunny that day and I was able to see the weather change and the nice view while heading to the top. It is not tiring walking to the top of the SkyWalk and it is a whole different view observing the surroundings from the top. Really recommend going there early as it gets a bit crowded in the afternoons.

After the SkyWalk, we went to Victoria. The weather was nice and sunny. We walked around the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia and took nice photos. It was interesting and kind of new walking on the street with horses around.

Old Country Market + Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

The old country market contains lots and lots of small stores selling goods and foods. Where you can buy souvenirs and treats. The place is also famous for goats walking on the roof, however, the goats were not on the roof this time when we went.

After a short walk at the Old Country Market, we went to the Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. The hiking trail was long but it is a nice hike with nice weather. Definitely good after a few big meals for sure.

Overall, this was a nice trip after a LONG term. It was nice and relaxing walking around in a few places. For sure, sometimes you just need to leave the city for a bit to be healed by the nature. But now back to reality!

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  1. I’m glad you had fun☺️ By looking at your pictures taken from Victoria it really reminds me of the good time I had there when I visited few years ago!

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