Come on MAKE a choice?! Bread or Love?

Welcome back to another T Time! So the topic this time would be “Bread or Love”. You might be confused about what’s bread or what’s love, so basically bread means money and love just means simply love. But why is there two option? I assume most people choose love over bread when they were young as they believe love is everything and while people get older and older the bread becomes more important due to the reality. 

So does the world change us?

The situation always changes and we never know what will happen next. Maybe something hits us and there’s a need for money or maybe we all got rich (I WISH) and chooses love now. Why do we want the world to change us? What kind of people we want to become and how to live with the world depends on our hands. We all have the freedom to choose which way to go and the decision is in our hands. There’s always multiple options for us to decide. The reality is there when we make the choice of facing it either way so can’t really blame it on the reality. 


Yes, money does buy us a lot of stuff that love can’t but I can always earn it myself. So personally, I would choose BOTH!!! I mean if I just choose the bread option, even if we have that much money, it’s not like we bring it with us when we die. He or she may provide you an unworried life, but is that what you want? Also, I believe that it is difficult to maintain a relationship without love for that person.

We all have the freedom to choose our own options. I’m not here forcing to choose love instead of bread or discriminating anyone making any choices. Just a debatable topic I had heard about for a long time. In the end, the option is on our hand and there are always more than two ways to go when a situation hits. Why can’t we choose both love and bread right? 

So what is your idea or choice?

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