FOOD PLOG: Some random cheat days!

Trying out brand-new spots in Vancouver: Oiso Kimchi Cafe and Burger Crush!!

Hi there! Back here with another photo log with me. Today I bring you guys with me on a de-stressing trip with galleries of food I had tried recently. Pictures 1 – 4 are images I took from Oiso Kimchi Cafe on Kingsway. It is a really nice cafe to just chill and relax with friends. The cafe contains a simple aesthetic design. It is comfy to sit there for a long time as there aren’t that many people on a typical weekday.

Moving on, the second set of photos is from Burger Crush located Downtown near Granville area. I wasn’t having high hopes in trying this place as I heard it wasn’t that good, just normal. BUT you never know till you try it. I had ordered the regular cheeseburger and a vegan strawberry milkshake. The crush fries and regular fries were shared with a friend. And the milkshake was awesome!! I believed that it uses hand-made coconut ice cream as a base and it was so good.

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