Higher EQ? Or ABANDON the E!!

Welcome backkkk to another T Time! EQ – Emotional Intelligence, something I have heard around me a lot recently. Maybe it had been a trend to praise others with high EQ when they say something nice. Or the term had been forced, brainwashed into me. Having this thought in my head made me start thinking about how people talk and how they react to things. Which is interesting as I can be the judge for ranking the actions. However, what does it bring us or how does it affect us?

Getting the EQ talk

Don’t know if anyone heard of the topic “the million ways to get your gf angry”. In the million ways, there were phrases such as “it’s all my problem, all my fault”, “I can’t do anything if you have to think about it that way”, etc. I know kinda of triggering if someone says that to you. Would’ve been better not saying anything instead. What can that person do? From my point then, maybe listen till that person is done telling his/her story and slowly demonstrate your part.


Maybe we could’ve stopped the augment in the first place by observing the other’s facial expression. Try switching up the topic or bring something interesting and grab the attention away. However, if the event was triggered by something serious then maybe think of communicating about that serious problem later when the emotions are less tense. 

In the end, this is just a way to communicate with others and let others feel comfort while talking to you. It is not bad to level up your EQ but it is terrible if we never take care of others feeling when talking or reacting. There’s no shortcut in training or EQ. However, if we don’t train it a bit, then there’s no difference in hurting others like a fool. 

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