PLOG: A week long crafting with friends!

What is nicer than brunch at a nice café with friends and crafting.

On & Off kitchen and bar contain an aesthetic vibe, providing indoor and outdoor seating options for the customers’ preference. My friend and I went on a hot sunny day which was nicer indoors with air conditioning. We ordered a Grilled Peach Salad, Apple & Brie Croissant Sandwich, BC Mushroom Rigatoni Pasta and a Housemade Tiramisu for dessert. I got the Sunrise Mimosa as my beverage. The cocktail consists of a sour taste and a sweet aftertaste from the Strawberry Yogurt Powder Rim scattered around the cup tip.

After a nice brunch at the café, we switched place to one of our friend’s house to start crafting! The model we built is Rolife’s Flowery Sweets & Teas. It provides small wood pieces and materials for us to paint, craft and model it ourselves. The modelling took us approximately a week with 3-4 people. Highly recommend having a needle-nose plier handy as it is much easier and helpful when working with small detailed pieces. While it is really time-consuming but the process is enjoyable!

One more important thing from crafting is NOT to wear white tops or bottoms or else you might encounter what I experienced of having paint on my shirt. Wear something dark or old if you’re a clumsy person like me.

PS. here’s some extra sunset photos plus dinner I took at my friend’s place while building the model.

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