PLOG: Another Hotpot Session to Spice Up Your Life After Midterm!

Hi there, welcome back to another plog! Finally, got the chance to go out, eat hotpot and relax a bit after a midterm. This term had been quite draining with the workloads and bonuses. But it is almost there!

Anyway, after the midterm, I finished some work at school and decided to try out this new hotpot place with a friend. The place is called Pot Empire on Kingsway near Metrotown. The interior of the restaurant is filled with neon signage, it reminds me of and gives me the vibes of the streets in Hong Kong. It provides set meals where you can order a pot with options of soup base, ingredients, types of noodles or rice and a drink. The meal also includes ice cream at the end when you are done!

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