PLOG: Another random day out crafting!

Hi there, welcome back to another plog! It is finally reading break for my school. Actually getting the chance to go out and chill for a bit. However, still need to work on some assignments at the cafe. The day started sunny and warm. I thought it would last for a day, however, it snowed a bit at night which was kind of surprising. I have planned to go to Azure Play Cafe first with a friend but apparently, the cafe isn’t opening till 4 pm stated on the notice at the door, so we ended up going to the Chatime next door and started our crafting journey.

This time we worked with a DIY phone case package that included cream glue and accessories. My friends and I bought it through Taobao but can also be purchased through AliExpress. The phone case was pretty easy to assemble but it does take a longer time to let it dry so I highly recommend crafting it at home and letting it lay down for a night. Also, add a layer of clear nail polish to add protection and avoid damage.


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