PLOG: Two awkward skating buddy!

Remember the last time I went skating was in grade 12, way before covid hit. After this long period, it was really awkward going back on the ice as I didn’t really learn how to skate or skate well enough back then. But it is never too late to learn or get back used to it!

We went to The Shipyards Skate Plaza in North Vancouver. It is free for the public to skate, and offers skate rentals, free helmets and skate aids for beginners. It is a cozy place to skate surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops and the seawall. Just a reminder that the place is open to the public from 1-8 but closes for 30 minutes at 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm for ice cleaning. Skate rentals are approximately 7 dollars and contain two options figure skates or hockey skates. I personally prefer hockey skates as it seems easier to balance but figure skates are easier for beginners.

After an hour and a half of skating, we switch places to the Christmas market which is a ferry away.

The second time back to the Christmas Market, got lots to like. But first thing, EAT! Even though the cinnamon pretzels can also be bought outside, it is still a definitely not miss food item at the market. As well as the roasted pork hocks. The Glühwein hot wine is also a must to warm yourself up in the cold winter but you can also choose apple cider if you don’t prefer alcohol. There are also Christmas souvenir stores where you can get handmade crafts. Definitely worth a visit once in a while.

After a nice visit to the market, we decided to walk around the harbour and Canada place to end the day. So here’s some extra photos + videos taken.

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