Pre-Covid ERA?! Never-ending joy in Tokyo Japan!

Welcome back to another TRAVEL post! As covid had been on for a long time, I kind of miss the days when we can travel somewhere freely. It kind of reminded me of the last time I had travelled to another country which is Japan. This was actually my second time going to Japan right before Covid and the last time I had travelled to another country till now. Maybe I’ll leave the first trip to Japan on my next travelling post. Though it is a 2.5 day short trip, it is still a memorable experience. Tokyo is a well-known place not only because of the authentic Japanese food but also markets and the shopping as well!

Mount Fuji

Talking about Tokyo, one place that we must go to is Mount Fuji! Sadly due to the weather, we weren’t able to see Mount Fuji. However, it was nice walking around the area and we were also able to go to Oshino Hakkai, which is located around Mount Fuji. There are lots and lots of small stores and the food there is nice and delicious. The attractions and street food demonstrate the long history of Japan. It is a really amazing place to walk around at!


Another thing that’s a must in Japan is to go to markets and go shopping. Near central Tokyo, there’s Tsukiji Market which contains lots and lots of goods. But truly recommend going early as it gets packed later in the day.

After eating breakfast at the market, it is also a nice option to go to Asakusa next as it is close by.

So this is my condensed short trip to Tokyo. Hopefully, I would be able to go and stay for a longer period after Covid. Feel free to recommend any places you think are fun to travel to!

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