Peer Review 1: One Way Ticket

For this week’s assignment, I had the opportunity to review one of my peers’ websites for PUB 101. I was paired up with Phoebe and her website is all about travelling. Here’s a link to her website: 

Viewing the blog from a peer, It is well organized with images and contains a consistent theme of travel. The site is more modern and looks very clean with the black, white colour and the cool blue tone. The overall design lets the images and content stand out. There are also nice image treatments and the scroll down of the image at the landing page is cool.

I enjoyed the travelling post on her site. As in this society right now when we don’t have many chances or even be able to travel. It was nice travelling to some places through her blog post. Some suggestions to improve the blog might be having more images and showing the feature image on the main page to show the places. From my feelings, it might be more exciting with more images, but overall the post seems exciting and convinces me to travel. 

Adding on, the user interactions were clear and pretty easy to follow with and where I was able to find the post I was interested in. However, it might be nice having a menu on the footer so it might be easier to navigate when the audience scrolls to the bottom of the page. The blog post was clear and straightforward in demonstrating the places that the peer had travelled and also included some background information of different places to help add meaning and clarify the readers. It is really helpful for the audience to read before going to that place.

Overall, the website looks nice and exciting to visit with the theme of travelling. Recommend for people that are looking to travel when is possible or maybe wanting to travel but not possible.

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