Peer Review 3: Coffee with Belle

For the last peer review for pub 101, I am paired up with Belle and her blog name is Coffee with Belle where her blog is about stories and travelling. The post is clear and short, nice with a cup of coffee when reading. Here’s a link to the blog.

Design + Content

Overall, Belle’s blog is clear and consistent with the theme and contents. Her home page consists of a clear format and colours that represent her blog. As someone that has choice phobia, it is interesting reading the comparison Belle points out in her blog (Disney California or Tokyo). The page sections are clean and clear but I suggest adding a little more quantity in the blog post.

I like the single-column structure on the first page as it improves redundancy, however just worried that it might be inconsistent as it is two columns on some pages. The typography on the images is interesting and attracts the audience’s attention. The colour scheme is also consistent through pages. I like the colour change when the mouse hovers the logo of the website. The hierarchy of the pages is well structured and the readability is clear. One suggestion is to organize the blog post into different sections so it is easier to find the reader’s interest and to improve the user interaction.

Marketing + SEO

I see a few ways where Belle could monetize her website. It would be possible for her to promote small businesses and cafés on particular items. Small businesses or local cafés could pay for promoting their business or even repost on their social platform to raise the traffic for the site. It would also be possible to rent spaces on the sidebars or front page of the blog site to put advertisements to help promote the businesses of others. Another suggestion is to be careful if the widgets added consist of financial incentives as it is required to inform the readers that it is making money based on their clicks and watches of the film (Bleymaier, 2013).

There are a few keywords mentioned in the blog post. As I think maybe adding a subtitle or sub-headers to advance the searches and move your page up from the searching. As many brands and businesses know the benefits and want more traffic on the site (Hollingsworth, 2018). So raising the blog site rank on the searching page would really help in marketing the website.

Social media-wise, I think it would be nicer to maybe add some social accounts in order to build a larger audience. I see nice quality photos and it might be nice to share them through different platforms or even with a bit of the content that’s written. 

In summary, I really enjoyed going through the pages as it is calming and the contents are fascinating. Belle’s blog is welcoming and really recommended to readers that are interested in culture and literature!


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Hollingsworth, Sam. April 13, 2018. “12 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO.” Retrieved from

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