Process Post 1: How to Talk to Strangers

Talking to strangers is hard, especially as an introvert. 

In this period of Covid and with the surrounding restrictions, it is harder and harder to have interactions with others. Some people might think that it is hard and gives them depression with the lack of depression, and some might think that it is nice to not have any interactions with anyone anymore for now.

For me, I work part-time at a restaurant and interact with a lot of different people. One way for me to talk to others is just to think of them as someone you know already. BE YOURSELF and be comfortable. How you treat others is how others will treat you. When I start a conversation awkwardly with others, it also delivers awkwardness to them and I realized that it makes the person want to end the conversation as soon as possible. However, when I start a conversation naturally and treat them as a friend when talking to them, it comes to a different result.

In the end, talking to strangers isn’t that hard but you just need to find a comfortable way for yourself in interacting.

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