Process Post 11: More transmedia? Social media wanted?

In incorporating more transmedia integration, I had created an Instagram account to post some of the illustrations I drew and I also added Pinterest on the sidebar to show pins of inspirations/vibes. 

First off, throughout the theme of my blog and the content I had created, I always had the mind of creating a YouTube channel and linking my content with it. In which I would be possibly drinking tea with maybe a friend or not to talk about the topics I wrote. I believe that there are more emotions with words by mouth and it is better for delivering content. 

In a reading, it had mentioned that “Each individual episode must be accessible on its own terms even as it makes a unique contribution to the narrative system as a whole”(Kevinbrittenylauren, 2013). Where I think that delivering some content on YouTube would be fun as I will be able to interact and actually talk about things deeply. It creates uniqueness. In the end, I might not be a professional in helping but I really enjoy discussing topics with others or even sharing how I deal with them.


Kevinbrittenylauren. 2013. “Pokemon as transmedia storytelling. Retrieved from

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