Process Post 12: Serious here!? Community Guidelines~

I have never thought of developing a community guideline until the lecture. All the comments I had received on my blog right now are possibly from my friends. However, I still hope that this blog page is open and welcoming. 

From the lecture, there was a Ted talk about hate comments and I totally agree on talking back with the haters nicely and something else would come out of it. I noticed that most haters make comments due to the events that occurred to them and it is easy to release their emotions online with strangers (Konnikova, 2013). But I believe that it is unkind to do that to a stranger if they don’t know or even disrespect you. 

The following Community guidelines had taken some examples from this link.

Community guidelines:

~ Treat others nice and kind as you treat someone in real life

~ Using comment or email respectively

~ Be tolerate of other’s views


~ Post personal information

~ Use bad language or insulting/offensive behaviours

If any of the guidelines are violated a warning would be given and the comments would be blocked.

In summary, the goal of this blog is to create a calming and open space for topics or discussions if possible. As my blog post is open for comments, I believe the guidelines written above would allow respect and keep the comment area nice and chill. 


Konnikova, Maria. 2013. The Psychology of Online Comments. Retrieved from

Rogier. May 3, 2020. 5 Examples of Great Community Guidelines. Retrieved from

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