Process Post 5: Audience

Containing the idea of creating the blog site was originated from a class of PUB 101. However, this place has actually become my personal space in sharing my thoughts along with some illustrations. While thinking of the audience, I was not expecting any targets or aims in having too many reads on each post but seeing the analytics of a few still makes me slightly happy about it. In the beginning, to be honest I was a bit anxious about sharing my thoughts or even my poor writing skills on the internet where everyone is able to see it. Thinking about my first process post of talking to strangers, it acts as similar ideas and made me reflect back. It’s actually not that hard, and just think of everyone as your friend and act normal. At least, in this case, it’s on a blog without actual conversation. 

Talking back about the audience, who doesn’t like having more readers than any. As of right now, the people I could think of that are reading my blog are my classmates or even friends if they decided to search it up on the internet after seeing my story about writing it. I am not imagining more than that since I’m hoping this blog space to my own personal space in sharing my thoughts and ideas.

PS. If you have seen my mini assignment 3 from the PUB 101 category, here’s a short little comic or bonus for this process post. 

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