Process Post 6: Design

After having a guest lecture about design, it provided me with a greater understanding of design with websites. I learned more about user interactions, themes and the importance of branding. I had decided to change the theme of the website due to the original structure and what was meant to be shown. With the previous website theme, the featured image was scaled up a bit too much where the image quality wasn’t clear. Leading to a change in format with the image scaled down a little to provide more white space and also decrease the loading time for the web page. 

For the sidebar, I had added the calendar and Pinterest pins to add volumes with the theme and reduce the categories since it is on the top and bottom menu. The Pinterest pins show the colour theme and the vibe of the whole site and help settle down the contents of the site. It supports the overall theme and also helps decorate the site. However, just thinking if it would have a conflict with some contents due to the defined colour theme. With the research of colours, pink provides an exciting and youthful feeling to the audience while white helps draw attention and provides a clean nice background colour. 

Overall, the guest lecture really gave me deep thoughts thinking about the design of the blog and hopefully, I will be able to adapt parts of it and progress my way through.

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