Process Post 7: Feedbacks

As it is in the middle of the term, I thought it would be nice to have a selection post and also review the feedback I have gotten from my peers. Firstly, I would like to thank for all the comments and suggestions. Really appreciated the honestly and likes. 

For content-wise, the original intention of the blog was to inspire and share opinions, also adding on to some illustrations in order to fully develop the blog. It was well delivered yet I think I still need improvements and maybe rethink the web design. For the a day in a life series, at first I thought this series was fun as I would be able to explore and kind of act as a journey for myself, however, I didn’t know it was quite successful in sharing some interesting experiences. For the quote sharing, the term monotonous had come up through the peer review, which I had thought about and decided to reconsider the category of quote sharing and possibly recreate. Right now what I have considered was possibly adding some appealing social topics and leading a discussion while sharing some quotes. Topics that had come up in mind were social or even controversial issues, which are still being developed. 

For design, the illustration and vibe were successful in delivering which I’m thinking of reducing some energy as it might be too overwhelming at the time. For the social media integration, Instagram was used as one source, which isn’t really established well yet as I am still considering the post and how I want to develop my online self there. Relocating the social media integration would be decided later when it is settled. 

To sum up, really appreciated the feedback from my peers and gladly got some compliments and also suggestions. In which I will take in the suggestion and make more progress from it.

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