Peer Review 1: KEKU STYLE

For this week’s assignment, I had the opportunity to review one of my peers’ blog for PUB 201. I was paired up with Kithara Kekulthotuwage where her blog is about fashion. Her posts contain comments on the outfits of celebrities at events. Here’s a link to her blog. 

Going into the blog page, the design uses a colour scheme of green and orange which is effective to inspire enthusiasm, compassion and nature. It refers to the value of the brand and helps strengthens it. The hierarchy of the pages is well structured and the readability is clear. One suggestion is to organize the blog post into different sections as there are different types of blogs shown on the home page so it is easier to find the reader’s interest and to improve user interaction.

According to Seth’s Blog, a brand is defined as a concept that contains factors of expectations, memories, stories and relationships to engage and encourage customers’ attention (2009). From her About page, it demonstrates the story of Kithara when she was young and how she was exposed to fashion, which shows a clear sense of the brand’s background in the field of fashion and her aim for the website is to showcase fashion and provide comments from the blogger’s angle. The mission of the blog and opportunities include to assist in small up-and-coming clothing companies which is related to the fields. I do like the idea of starting off on a larger scale to find opportunities as a beginning, however, I have seen that the blog posts right now are based on large events instead of small businesses compare to its mission, which might be great to explore and find opportunities in working with small up-and-coming companies? With the reading of “How SoulCycle, Drybar, And Casper Created Cult Brands”, it stated that “Don’t Underestimate Word-of-Mouth Marketing” (Kessler, 2016). For future opportunities, it is also possible to spread the word about the brand in the fashion field through social medias or other platforms. I also really like the idea of having images on the about page to support statements that were made. 


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Kessler, S (November 3, 2016). How SoulCycle, Drybar, And Casper Created Cult Brands.

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