Peer Review 2: KEKU STYLE

For this week’s assignment, I had the opportunity to review one of my peers’ blogs for PUB 201. I was paired up with Kithara Kekulthotuwage where the blog is about fashion. Her posts contain comments on the outfits of celebrities at events. Here’s a link to her blog. 

In the themes of social media, the location or connection between the site and social media was unclear. However, there is one blog post “Instagram Feed Lacking? Here’s 4 Main Tips to Elevate Your Online Identity” that kind of mentions her Instagram but in a way to educate the audience on how to have a better balance when posting on Instagram. However, I wasn’t able to find any other social media link on the website, which recommended adding to the about page or landing page. Referring to The 5 C’s of Effective Content Marketing, it would be nice to add infographics or any forms on social media to curate and circulate the contents of the blog.

Moving on from the first peer review, I really like how there are more images and quotes used on the blog post which helps add more content and helps in increasing engagement of the website. Especially the most recent blog with tips on how to improve your Instagram feed, helps add to the branding and ties connected to the statement “To be more than just a company, but to be a mentor and friend; growing your brand and inspiring a world of green fashion.” However, I felt that the contents of the blog posts were a bit vague as there are posts that are about poetry, fashion and tips. Which I think it might be better to trim it down to one category of fashion as the mission of the brand is identified as a fashion marketing company.

Design-wise, something that popped up to me was the day and night shifts on the menu bar, which is kind of cool. Something extra is that instead of black and white for the night shift, could it be black and purple to make more connection with what you have for the day shift. Another thing to be careful of is the screen size problem as the content may look kind of awkward when the screen size is scaled down.  

Overall, Kekulthotuwage’s site is very functional and informative, kind of fitting the branding of the site. The blog’s overall design is well thought out and helps deliver the intended information. I hope to see more from the blog!

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