Peer Review 3: Lifting with Lita

For this week’s assignment, I had the opportunity to review one of my peers’ blogs for PUB 201. I was paired up with Lita Lising where her blog is about her exercising journey. The content of her blog is based on tips while working out and how to stay motivated. She also shared stories and challenges she had faced. Here’s a link to her blog. 

First impression while going through the blog, I really enjoyed the colours and featured images that were chosen and created. It connects with the theme of empowering and assists with the content. The website is cohesive and organized and the blog posts contain clear titling where readers can find the right content efficiently. 

However, I do have one recommendation regarding the colour change of the top menu bar when the items are hovered over. Since the item changes to white when it is hovered, may consider changing the hovered colour to light pink instead so as to minimize the reader’s memory load and knows which item they had chosen. The three social media icons are placed on the top of the screen which really accessible and easy to find. However, it does interrupt the sidebar when scrolling down so I do recommend having it at a fixed location.

The site contains compelling branding. The branding of the site is cohesive and the overall contents of the blog align well with her mandate included in her about page. The mandate “to provide a motivational outlet of advice, tips and relatable content for new or current weightlifters” is also provided on top of the landing page with her logo.

From the about page, it mentioned the ethos of background information of the author which persuades the audience of the significance of the blog. Content marketing is well-defined. I think the persuasion of the storytelling and contents really do help in persuading me to sign up and subscribe to the blog as I would like to read more and learn. However, I do not see any sign-ups for newsletters or anything instead there are sections for adding a reply or comments. Moving further, it would be nice adding a subscription to newsletters or relevant.

An extra suggestion for the blog is to add some photos to the content as it might be difficult in visualizing some actions when reading. As well as adding TikTok, as it will be beneficial by demonstrating the tips and tricks or normal workout routines with short videos. 

Overall, I really enjoyed reading through Lita’s blog as it is really motivational and the overall contents kind of persuaded me in starting exercising!

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